Welcome to Drink Local Wine, the organization dedicated to telling the story of American wine. Wine is now produced in all 50 U.S. states, and the number of wineries has nearly quadrupled over the last dozen years, though you might not realize that if you only read the “winestream media.”

We focus on wines from lesser known areas — not because we don’t like California, Oregon or Washington wines, but they get plenty of coverage in the major wine magazines. The exciting developments throughout the rest of the country are reported mainly in local newspapers and blogs. Drink Local Wine will help you find those stories.

By checking here or subscribing to the updates, you can learn about an exciting new Riesling from Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula or a delicious dry Vignoles from Missouri. Business taking you to Dallas? Look here for links to stories and blog posts about the best wines the Lone Star state has to offer. This is the website about wine from around here, wherever here happens to be.

Drink Local Wine was founded in 2008 by Jeff Siegel, “The Wine Curmudgeon,” and Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre. We started by sponsoring Regional Wine Week, encouraging bloggers and wine columnists to write something about their local wines and posting links to the stories here.

The website grew into an organization, now incorporated as a 501(c) non-profit, complete with a Board of Directors of wine enthusiasts across the country dedicated to telling the story of local wine. The organization sponsors an annual conference to introduce bloggers around the country to an exciting wine region they may have never before explored. Starting in 2009, these conferences were held in Texas, Virginia, Missouri, Colorado and Maryland.

American wine drinkers are excited about local wine. Even the major wine publications have noticed and are including more reviews of local wines and the occasional article.

We hope you will use this website to build your thirst for local wine. And we invite you to become part of the movement. If you blog about local wine or see some reports online that would interest our readers, send us a link to the story and we can share it here.