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    June 2, 2009

    Colorado wine, and not beer

    Michelle Doucette has a window seat for a tour of Colorado wine country: “I was introduced to the delicious products of Colorado wine country–a place I’d never even heard of before.”

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    • What Wine to Drink on Thanksgiving

      Given the tradition of the holiday, Wine Columnist Lettie Teague of The Wall Street Journal recommends keeping it American and highlights several under-the-radar US wine regions worthy of attention.    ON WINE: LETTIE TEAGUE THERE IS ONE day of the year that we celebrate our collective American-ness with a large piece of poultry and (hopefully) a […]

    • asimov Eric Asimov Lauds Finger Lakes Riesling in the New York Times

      One of America’s most open-minded and thoughtful critics, Eric Asimov has long given attention to the wines of New York. This week, he’s published a piece devoted entirely to the rieslings being made in the Empire State’s Finger Lakes region, “I’ve had excellent rieslings from Oregon and Washington, and terrific rieslings from Michigan, though they […]

    • hawk-rtr Elaine Chukan Brown Reviews Red Tail Ridge Winery (Finger Lakes) Rieslings on Hawk Wakawaka

      It’s always great to see a west coast wine writer tasting and writing about non-west coast wines. One of our favorite writers/bloggers,  Elaine Chukan Brown, posted her review of three rieslings from Red Tail Ridge Winery, which is located on the western side of Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region:   She writes about […]

    • Carlo DeVito Recounts His Visit to Maryland’s Black Ankle Vineyards During DLW13

      Carlo DeVito is virtually synonymous with regional wines because of his blog East Coast Wineries, Yesterday, he published a post about a visit to Black Ankle Vineyards last spring as part of Drink Local Wine 2013: “It’s difficult to have to write about Black Ankle Vineyards yet again. I know it must seem repetitive that […]

    • Howard Goldberg Highlights Long Island’s Roanoke Vineyards in the New York Times

      Veteran wine writer Howard Goldberg — who has long covered regional wines, particularly those from Long Island — devoted this week’s New York Times column to Long Island’s Roanoke Vineyards: “Roanoke Vineyards, a boutique winery in its 13th year, has ascended to the top tier of Long Island estates. Its wines are consistently outstanding. Richard […]

    • Kulers Uncorked: Yonah Mountain, Georgia

      $36 Two Thumbs Way Up Pleasant, perfume-like aromas of violets, raspberry, blackberry, mocha and a hint of smoke. Bright flavors of dark cherry, toffee, blackberry cobbler, coffee and a lingering note of black licorice. The last time I wrote about Yonah Mountain wines, I recounted how I (and a room full of people, including some […]

    • nomacorc Q & A with Nomacorc

      This year, Nomacorc is again a supporter of the Drink Local Wine Conference. We asked Jeff Slater, director of global marketing at Nomacorc to tell us a little bit about their company and why they support local wine.

    • We did it! Drink Local goes… International?

      That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve hit the big time. How do I know? Because we’ve been mentioned in the Financial Times. None other than Jancis Robinson is helping draw attention to wines made in states other than the “big 3″.

    • Maryland Misconceptions Some Misconceptions About Maryland Wine

      With the Drink Local Wine Conference coming up next week, there is growing interest in Maryland. There are, however, many misconceptions about the state’s wine.

    • Carlo DeVito Maryland, My Maryland

      Leading up to the DLW 2013 conference in Baltimore on April 13, some may wonder why Maryland wine matters, or why they should make the trip to attend the conference. Guest blogger Carlo Devito offers his perspective.

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